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Week 3 – Michael Chiarello style rant

Ok, so this week we are exploring the wide world of social networking software. For this experience that means Facebook and Linked In. Honestly, I’m not enthusiastic about this. A “profession” should not have to resort to gimmicks in order to reach its users. I loathe Facebook and Myspace and pretty much anything that is along the same vein. So now I’ve had to create two accounts to experiment with something I know I’ll be deleting later. I suppose I can say it is all in the name of research and nothing ventured nothing gained but, the only thing I’ve gained is a number of accounts I will be deleting in 6 weeks and more junk in my inbox. I am hoping that comments from my colleagues will open my eyes and I will find a kinder and gentler attitude towards professional uses of social networking sites. Thus far I am not impressed.


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MLA Web 2.0 101 Part II

As the comments started to roll in about how wikis could be used in libraries I was struck with the thought that maybe they are over used. There was a lot of discussion concerning how to get people to participate in wikis and how to keep them current. My response was, if they are a valuable wiki they shouldn’t need reminders they should naturally keep themselves up to date. While I am a glass is half full kind of person maybe we need to think of what things in librarianship wikis should *not* be used for. We’ll all agree that there is a lot of garbage on the web so why add to it if it’s not necessary? To bring back on of my favorite phrases from library school “Garbage in, Garbage out.” Maybe the wikis are static because their content is only useful to a small group of people. Just a thought.

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MLA Web 2.0 101

In an effort to explore web 2.0 I signed up for the MLA course. Even though I feel I’ve exhausted all avenues of web 2.0 I wanted to confirm this. So far I’ve built a blog, set up an rss reader and am creating a wiki. Have I already done all of these things? Yes, but the input from the other participants who have never done these things is very valuable. Since I’ve already created blogs and wikis and readers, oh my. I’ve forgotten all the little stumbling blocks that pop up along the way. If you’re not able to take a course like this to remember the rough spots maybe you could ask your colleagues to contribute to your blog or wiki or create one of there own and report back to you with any problems they may have. We tend to get so caught up in the technology and submerse ourself in it every day that we forget it’s not that easy. Since I am the emerging technologies coordinator for my department I am using this course to help me create a how to guide. By reading all the comments and seeing how the instructors are setting up the course I am hope to create my own manual.

This is an 8 week course and we’ve already covered what I’ve been working with. I am very excited to see what weeks 4-8 hold. I bet there will be something new, exciting, confusing and exhausting in those weeks.

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MLA & Web 2.0

I recently took part in a web seminar provide by MLA. I was excited to see that I was on track and staying up to speed with our cutting edge colleagues but, I was left wondering “Now what?” If I’m moving along at the same pace as our leaders in the field what do I do next to keep my library current? I decided to start looking into Medicine 2.0 and Web3.0. To quote the seminar “keep your eye on the horizon.” Well, I don’t know about you but, my horizon is still a little fuzzy. I started this blog to keep track of what I am doing and what is yet to come. Hopefully, we’ll mash out the horizon together.

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