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My Favorite Mashup

I looked at the “award winners” but in my book this HealthMap.Org is my favorite mashup. I use it in an epidemics and plagues class I work with. They love it! While it was interesting to bang round the internet looking at different types of mashups they all seemed gimmicky. I was expecting to see more practical applications as “award winners” and I was hoping to get to create my own mashup with this class not just look at them. I’m a little disappointed. Also, to be honest I really don’t see the point to Rollyo. It’s more of a toy than a tool.


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You Tube

Great video by DePauw

I think that you tube is a great way to market your library or your library services. The DePauw library is a great example of creative ways to use multimedia and you tube to reach your users. I think it would be a fun way to break up an instructional session also. Video isn’t something users expect to see in an instructional session so it would be a great way to liven things up! BTW do a search on you tube for DePauw they have several great videos.

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Flickr and the Wide World of Photos

This week the MLA course focused on online photo sharing. I have to admit it was fun and if you are interested there are some great pictures of my hometown now on this blog (look up and to the left) but, I don’t see how this is a professional tool. Perhaps I could see my faculty using this to share pathology slides but, isn’t that what institutional repositories are for? While I’m happy to try out Flickr I don’t see it as a professional tool; It’s just a fun toy and I’m left wondering why it ended up in the MLA course?

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Web Office Tools – Cool Toy

This blog post is not being created in wordpress but, is being written in Google Doc. I’m considering this an experiment to see how sending a post to your blog will work. So far I am loving web based office tools. I must say that I prefer Google Docs over Microsoft Office Workspaces. Office is more complicated to use but, I haven’t giving up on it yet. I think there is potential there but, I need to explore it more on my own. I can think of several different reason why web bases office tools are useful. For students, you have the option to work on projects when you have time no matter where you are. For professionals, it’s a great way to collaborate and I must say for my own personal use I’ve just uploaded a power point presentation that I need to present in the next few week. This way if the flash drive dies I don’t have to rely on e-mail alone to save my presentation; I have it in Google Docs. This is a technology I have not used before but, I am confident I will be using it consistently in the future. Kudos to this class for exposing me to this great new toy!

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Social Bookmarking

So this week we worked with del.icio.us which I really enjoyed. I started off last year using Connotea and I think for bookmarking PubMed it’s wonderful but, it wasn’t as intuitive as I found del.icio.us. Over all I think social bookmarking is an extremely useful technology. Just think of how many researchers work in the field and internationally. To be able to have your “go to resources” wherever you are in the world is wonderful. I also think it’s useful if you teach outside of the library or if you present at a lot of conferences. I think uses for this technology is only limited by your imagination.

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