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Bing vs. Google. Who’s the “real” decision engine??

So I’m sure by now we’ve all heard about Bing the so called “Decision Engine” by Microsoft. But, I thought the blogosphere could use a post to help gather together resources that can help you compare the two and make your own decisions

First, let me share with you a site where you can see side by side comparison from Bing v.s.  Google

Here’s a link to an article the compares them based on technical merit. “Meet Bing, Microsoft’s New Search Engine.”

Want to know if anyone is actually using Bing? Check out this article “Can Microsoft’s Bring, or Anyone, Seriously Challenge Google.”

Finally, if you want my two cents worth, after searching with both Google and Bing I’ve found that while Google’s results come closer to answering my questions Bing’s results come from more authoritative sources.

For example, when I did a search for “Ocular Migraines” Google brought me back “How do I know if I have an Ocular Migraine” from a ezinearticles while Bing brought me back “Ocular, Optical and Ophthalmic Migraines” from health central.

So at the end of the day Google still rules the world with Quantity of resources but Bing may have the edge on Credible resources.

Personally, I feel the only true “Decision Engine” is a Librarian but, hey, I’m bias.


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