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Where Technology Meets Medical Librarianship

Let me introduce myself

Hi there,

Well, this all started because I was appointed as the Emerging Technologies Coordinator for my department. At that time I decided I’d need to keep track of what I was doing and what was out there so I started this blog. Oddly or luckily it coincided with an MLA Web 2.0 course where, surprise you needed to create a blog; I love multitasking!

In my career I’ve found that technology questions from my colleagues have turned me onto things I might not have explored.  So, if you are out there thinking “What is this?” and don’t have anyone to ask, Ask me! everythingisbeta@hotmail.com

But “Who am I?” Well, I’ve been a Medical Librarian since 2006 who is trying to find ways to adapt technology to librarianship. Searching for any and all ways to connect with my users and support their work. I’m active in the Medical Library Association and currently, I’m at one of the larger Medical Research Institutions on the East Coast. In a Past Life I dabble in the field of Sports Information and was thrilled to find another field, Medical Librarianship, that put my M.S. in Sport Science to good use.

Thanks for stoping by and, Enjoy!

P.S. Feel free to check out the Ref’N’Tech blog that my colleague and I have created.


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