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PubMed Search Strategies Blog

So I’m reading through my Google Reader and I see that I’ve missed a few posts by David Rotham I scroll down and BANG there it is! This AMAZING blog he found.

PubMed Search Strategies

Basically, it’s a blog full of just hedges! So before you start building that Uber search for your next systematic review check out this site. Maybe someone has already started it for you.

I know I’ll be sending her (Cindy Schmidt, M.D., M.L.S.) what I’ve got!


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Web Office Tools – Cool Toy

This blog post is not being created in wordpress but, is being written in Google Doc. I’m considering this an experiment to see how sending a post to your blog will work. So far I am loving web based office tools. I must say that I prefer Google Docs over Microsoft Office Workspaces. Office is more complicated to use but, I haven’t giving up on it yet. I think there is potential there but, I need to explore it more on my own. I can think of several different reason why web bases office tools are useful. For students, you have the option to work on projects when you have time no matter where you are. For professionals, it’s a great way to collaborate and I must say for my own personal use I’ve just uploaded a power point presentation that I need to present in the next few week. This way if the flash drive dies I don’t have to rely on e-mail alone to save my presentation; I have it in Google Docs. This is a technology I have not used before but, I am confident I will be using it consistently in the future. Kudos to this class for exposing me to this great new toy!

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