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You Tube

Great video by DePauw

I think that you tube is a great way to market your library or your library services. The DePauw library is a great example of creative ways to use multimedia and you tube to reach your users. I think it would be a fun way to break up an instructional session also. Video isn’t something users expect to see in an instructional session so it would be a great way to liven things up! BTW do a search on you tube for DePauw they have several great videos.


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Social Bookmarking

So this week we worked with del.icio.us which I really enjoyed. I started off last year using Connotea and I think for bookmarking PubMed it’s wonderful but, it wasn’t as intuitive as I found del.icio.us. Over all I think social bookmarking is an extremely useful technology. Just think of how many researchers work in the field and internationally. To be able to have your “go to resources” wherever you are in the world is wonderful. I also think it’s useful if you teach outside of the library or if you present at a lot of conferences. I think uses for this technology is only limited by your imagination.

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MLA Web 2.0 101

In an effort to explore web 2.0 I signed up for the MLA course. Even though I feel I’ve exhausted all avenues of web 2.0 I wanted to confirm this. So far I’ve built a blog, set up an rss reader and am creating a wiki. Have I already done all of these things? Yes, but the input from the other participants who have never done these things is very valuable. Since I’ve already created blogs and wikis and readers, oh my. I’ve forgotten all the little stumbling blocks that pop up along the way. If you’re not able to take a course like this to remember the rough spots maybe you could ask your colleagues to contribute to your blog or wiki or create one of there own and report back to you with any problems they may have. We tend to get so caught up in the technology and submerse ourself in it every day that we forget it’s not that easy. Since I am the emerging technologies coordinator for my department I am using this course to help me create a how to guide. By reading all the comments and seeing how the instructors are setting up the course I am hope to create my own manual.

This is an 8 week course and we’ve already covered what I’ve been working with. I am very excited to see what weeks 4-8 hold. I bet there will be something new, exciting, confusing and exhausting in those weeks.

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