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Alternate way to get to MeSH in New PubMed

Hey All,

If you want to get to MeSH in the new PubMed without going to advanced search check out the screen shot below!



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Cloud Computing and Medical Libraries

Here’s a presentation that I put together on cloud computing and it’s potential impact on medical libraries. Just thought I’d share.

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Define: Informavore

The term informavore … characterizes an organism that consumes information. It is meant to be a description of human behavior in modern information society, in comparison to omnivore, as a description of humans consuming food. George A. Miller…coined the term in 1983 as an analogy to how organisms survive by consuming negative entropy ….“Just as the body survives by ingesting negative entropy, so the mind survives by ingesting information. In a very general sense, all higher organisms are informavores.” (see: Wikepedia)

Lab Soft News

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Bing vs. Google. Who’s the “real” decision engine??

So I’m sure by now we’ve all heard about Bing the so called “Decision Engine” by Microsoft. But, I thought the blogosphere could use a post to help gather together resources that can help you compare the two and make your own decisions

First, let me share with you a site where you can see side by side comparison from Bing v.s.  Google

Here’s a link to an article the compares them based on technical merit. “Meet Bing, Microsoft’s New Search Engine.”

Want to know if anyone is actually using Bing? Check out this article “Can Microsoft’s Bring, or Anyone, Seriously Challenge Google.”

Finally, if you want my two cents worth, after searching with both Google and Bing I’ve found that while Google’s results come closer to answering my questions Bing’s results come from more authoritative sources.

For example, when I did a search for “Ocular Migraines” Google brought me back “How do I know if I have an Ocular Migraine” from a ezinearticles while Bing brought me back “Ocular, Optical and Ophthalmic Migraines” from health central.

So at the end of the day Google still rules the world with Quantity of resources but Bing may have the edge on Credible resources.

Personally, I feel the only true “Decision Engine” is a Librarian but, hey, I’m bias.

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Drupal, LibGuides, IGoogle Oh My!

So, at my current institution we are big on “embedding.” We decided to create “Portals” for each of the departments we serve. After the technology department reviewed several products they decided to go with Drupal. Drupal is a content management system and several libraries are using it to support their websites. During the process of creating our portals we began to take notice of LibGuides. Lots of library have jumped on the LibGuides bandwagon and I can’t blame them. It’s easy to use and has a wonderful user interface.

The delema:
If LibGuides are easy to use, popular and don’t require a computer programing degree to operate (Drupal is a bit high tech) then what do we do with the Portals.

At the end of the day we need a more sophisticated subject guide but, our users want Web 2.0  functionality which Drupal supports.

To add to the confusion IGoogle can be customized and libraries are starting to create customized gadgets that link directly to the library catalog and the PubMed sfx for their institution.

With all these choices where do you go? My recommendation? If you have a tech department that is willing to put in the work or already purchased Drupal. Go there. With the Web 2.0 functionality it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

If you just need a subject guide that is more dynamic then the traditional webpage LibGuides is your best bet. With the savvy interface and the ease of use on the back end it’s a great way to go.

If you are broke or economically challenged go with IGoogle. It’s free, easy to use and will allow a fair bit of customization. The gadgets that link to your subscription resources and catalog take tech savvy to create but, it’s an excellent place to start.

Where will my instituion go? I’m waiting to find out!

IGoogle Tutorial

What is Drupal?

LibGuides Introduction

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100+ Alternative Search Engines You Should Know

Think you know every resources that is out there? Take a look at hongkiat.com picks.

100+ Alternative Search Engines You Should Know

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The Pixar Story

I’m not sure how many of you out there have seen “The Pixar Story” but, it occurred to me that in the middle of this mass of new technology the one thing we are lacking (that happened to be Pixar’s anchor point) is a group vision. There is no one vision that the library/technology community shares. We are trying to adapt technology created for various purposes to librarianship. Perhaps if we came up with a communal vision we could more clearly let the world of technology know what we need then we could achieve our dream. Either way you should watch “The Pixar Story” if you have a chance. There page is up but, it’s still being built. http://www.thepixarstory.com/

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The 100 Best Products of 2008

This year’s tech gems–as picked by PC World editors and readers–will leave you more productive, connected, and entertained.

Part 1 of a special five-part series.

Edited by Mark Sullivan, PC World

Monday, May 26, 2008 10:00 PM PDT

The 100 Best Products, in Ranked Order

  1. Hulu Review
  2. Apple iPhone Review | Check prices
  3. Facebook Site
  4. Microsoft Windows XP Review | Check prices
  5. Lenovo ThinkPad X300 Review | Check prices
  6. Flock Review | Download
  7. Eye-Fi Review | Check prices
  8. Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 Video review
  9. Harmonix Rock Band Video review | Check prices
  10. Wikipedia Site
  11. Netflix Site
  12. Microsoft Xbox Live Site
  13. Apple iPod Touch Review | Check prices
  14. Craigslist Site
  15. Scrabulous Site
  16. Nintendo Wii Review | Check prices
  17. Apple Mac OS 10.5 Leopard Review | Check prices
  18. Apple HD Cinema Display Site
  19. Twitter Site
  20. Pioneer Kuro PDP-5010FD Review | Check prices
  21. Mozilla Firefox 3 Review
  22. Apple Safari Review | Download
  23. NPR.org Site
  24. Adobe Photoshop CS3 Review | Check prices
  25. Google Maps–Street View Site
  26. Apple MacBook Pro (Penryn) Review | Check prices
  27. Google Docs & Spreadsheets Site
  28. Apple Final Cut Studio 2 Site
  29. Linksys WRT600N Review | Check prices
  30. Flickr (Yahoo) Site
  31. Sony Bravia KDL-52XBR4 Review | Check prices
  32. Intel Penryn News and reviews links
  33. Apple iChat Review
  34. Creative Zen Review | Check prices
  35. Verizon FiOS Site
  36. Pandora Review
  37. Canon EOS 40D Review | Check prices
  38. LG Electronics L196WTY-BF Review | Check prices
  39. TiVo HD Review | Check prices
  40. Data Robotics Drobo DRO4DU10 4 Bay Hard Drive Array Review | Check prices
  41. Google Gmail Site
  42. Electronic Arts Rock Band controllers Video review | Check prices
  43. Mozilla Thunderbird Review | Download
  44. Dell XPS 420 Review | Check prices
  45. Washington Post Site
  46. Yelp.com Site
  47. Nikon D60 Review | Check prices
  48. The Consumerist Site
  49. AdventNet Zoho Review
  50. OpenDNS PhishTank Site
  51. Western Digital VelociRaptor Review | Check prices
  52. NYTimes.com Site
  53. Motorola MotoRokr T505 Car Speakerphone Review | Check prices
  54. SanDisk Cruzer Titanium Plus Site | Check prices
  55. Dash Express Review | Check prices
  56. Panasonic TH-42PZ700U Review | Check prices
  57. Netgear ReadyNAS Duo Review | Check prices
  58. Symantec Norton IS 2008 Review | Check prices
  59. RIM Blackberry Curve 8300 Series 8300 Review | 8320 Review | Check prices (8300) | Check prices (8320)
  60. Vimeo Review
  61. SideStep.com Site
  62. Alienware Area-51 m15x Site
  63. Microsoft TellMe Review
  64. Amazon MP3 Site
  65. Samsung SyncMaster 305T Review | Check prices
  66. Apple Logic Studio Site | Check prices
  67. Gateway XHD3000 Review | Check prices
  68. HP Photosmart C5280 Review | Check prices
  69. USB Safely Remove 3.3 Download
  70. Samsung LN-T4061 Review | Check prices
  71. nVidia GeForce 8800GT Site | Check prices
  72. Cerulean Studios Trillian Download
  73. Creative Aurvana X-Fi Review | Check prices
  74. Olympus SP-570 UZ Site | Check prices
  75. Apple iMac Review | Check prices
  76. Samsung 2263DX Review
  77. Canon Vixia HF10 Site | Check prices
  78. Mint Review
  79. VMWare Fusion Site | Check prices
  80. Apple TV Take 2 Review | Check prices
  81. YouTube (Google) Review
  82. Chestnut Hill Sound George Site
  83. Microsoft Office 2007 Review | Check prices
  84. Intel SkullTrail Review | Check prices
  85. Canon Pixma MX700 Review | Check prices
  86. AT&T Tilt Review
  87. Canon Powershot SD1100 IS Review | Check prices
  88. Vizio Gallevia GV42LF Review | Check prices
  89. Apple MacBook Air Review | Check prices
  90. Ubuntu Linux Review | Download
  91. The Orange Box (Valve Corp.) Site | Check prices
  92. Digg Site
  93. Asus U2E Review | Check prices
  94. Meebo Review
  95. HP Blackbird 002 LCi Review | Check prices
  96. Partition Logic Download
  97. Palm Centro Review | Check prices
  98. Audacity Download
  99. Lifehacker Site
  100. Jing Project Site

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